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    Cleaning Of a House or Any Public Offices, Washrooms, etc is Essential in Many Aspects It is necessary for the health, and the well being of workers and families present there. It also includes the idea of the first impression, for example, a person walks into your house no matter how big it is or how well equipped it is with good furniture and tech all over the place, but if your home is dirty it’ll take away all the effort you’ve put into making it look good, and majority of the people will mostly notice how dirty the place is.



    The pursuit of hedonism is an art and considering all these things we are also trying and there to give you our best by offering the maximum sources of cleaning services as much as we can.


    Our janitorial staff is well experienced and trained and they know that how to make you happy and satisfy you by doing their work mannerly and orderly on a given time.


    We keep you ensure about green and eco-friendly environment cleaning to make your place spotless and sanitize it without using any harsh and harmful chemicals.



    Our Portfolio

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    Cleaning Squad Services Include:-

    We as cleaning services strongly believe to give our clients the maximum high-quality services as much as we can provide with the help of our trained staff.

    Cleaning Squad Montreal's Cleaning Services

    We at Cleaning Squad offers a healthy and safe-environment Cleaning Service to our Potential Clients in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil areas. We belong with Menage Total a Leading Cleaning Service Provider company in Montreal using organic cleaning products that do not cause harm or spread other undesirable Our cleaning services are as follows.

    Residential Cleaning Service Montreal

    We as a domestic level cleaning services company is offering you all the vital and phenomenal Residential cleaning service Not only but also, the profound residential cleaning services not just only in Montreal. But also in Laval and Longueuil as well.

    What consist is in Residential cleaning services are Clean and sanitize your kitchen, deeply clean your bathrooms, furnish, buff and clean the roof, windows, carpet, stairs and floors, dusting and removing the stains, mopping, vacuuming and sweeping from all the surfaces, clean the dust from your furniture, tackle the upholstery cleaning stuff, and as well as also do the other minor and general cleaning services as per your requirements and demands. Read More»

    The House Maid Service

    By availing the maid services from cleaning Squad you can relax and perform your other major and general duty tasks and then when you come after doing and facing the tough hectic day activities can easily find a peaceful and comfortable living place where you can peacefully sleep and spend your some quality time with your dear ones.

    Before going to send a Maid to your place we trained them professionally and mannerly so then they are able to perform their tasks more prominently and accurately.
    So if you are looking to avail any reputable and affordable maid services then you are at right place Read More»

    Carpet Cleaning Service Montreal

    Perform daily basis cleaning is easy. But, when it comes to clean the carpet, then it is not quite tough to clean a carpet for a person, to clean and wash the carpet we prefer to hire Cleaning Squad team to save your time and efforts.

    For Carpet cleaning, vacuuming and sanitizing is not enough, our profound cleaners use the advanced, machinery.  In fact, systematic way that makes your carpet fully sanitized.  For drying stuff, our cleaners use the steam and deep drying effective ways. Read More»

    Deep Cleaning Service Montreal

    Our deep cleaning service is eco-friendly and safe for the health and environment. Cleaning Squad provides affordable and cost-effective Deep cleaning solutions We ensure you to give you the quality deep cleaning services that make your place spotless and remarkable. Read More»

    Commercial Cleaning Montreal

    During the time of your commercial cleaning service our expert Cleaners comes with full vacuum, buff, mop, sweep, dust all the dirt and clean the floor, remove the stains and also do clean all the other major & minor areas that require the professional Commercial cleaning services.

    So what are you waiting for? To book our commercial cleaning services Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil you can call us.

    Office Cleaning Montreal

    Why office cleaning service demands a clean view not just only for the sake of looking. But also as it gives a finest and nice impression. Most of the times half of your stress and tension. Get relief when you arrange your things mannerly and get a neat and clean office.

    Needless to say that routine office cleaning is of paramount importance. Normal Office cleaning is not quite enough and to make disciplined your office. Cleaning Squad is a professional and phenomenal cleaning services company where Our well-trained team meets with your cleaning needs. Read More»

    Hard Floor Cleaning Service Montreal

    Our well-experienced and trained staff is offering you all the vast and wide level of domestic hard floor cleaning services, what Cleaning Squad's Cleaners do fully buff, vacuum, sanitize, furnish, sweep and even mop your floor and make it furnish and spotless like a new one. In short, the product which our cleaners use during the time of your hard floor cleaning is completely tested, eco-friendly and contains no harmful effects. Read More»

    Supermarkets & Retail Store Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Squad offer Super Markets, Retail Stores and Utility Shops cleaning Service in Montreal, Supermarkets and retail store are the places that consider the busiest and crowded places. People on a daily basis and mostly on weekends go and visit these places. But during this all, the thing which requires and matter most is the cleaning. Do now Worry Cleaning Squad with the help of our trained staff cleaner’s team try to give you the meritorious cleaning services that make your store place professionally and deeply cleaned. Read More»

    Residential Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Carpet cleaningWindow cleaning are some of the services that are being served to Potential customers in our Montreal, Laval and Longueuil City. We providing the best cleaning services with 100% satisfaction and guarantee by Cleaning Squad. The main purpose behind this, to offer you kind services in an affordable and reliable cost budget as for us, quality and trust these are two main and essential things that matter a lot.

    House Cleaning Service Montreal

    Cleaning squad provides you with house cleaning services according to your requirements and needs. We have a professionally trained cleaning staff which works according to given instructions. In house cleaning services by cleaning squad provides you detailed dusting services, floor cleaning servicescarpet cleaning services and window cleaning services. We provide you bedroom cleaning services, drawing room cleaning services and children room cleaning services. Cleaning squad provides you with the entire range of cleaning services as per your requirements. We offer you different kinds of cleaning agreements like daily cleaning services, weekly, biweekly and monthly cleaning services. You can hire our cleaning services according to your needs. Read More»

    Apartment Cleaning Service

    Some people live in apartments and they need apartment cleaning services. If you have an apartment and you want to get it clean. But you don’t have enough time to clean it by yourself. Then you should not worry about it. Just let the cleaning squad know about your needs and requirements. Cleaning Squad is serving its customers for many years. In apartment cleaning services we provide you floor cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, living area cleaning services and bookshelves cleaning services. Cleaning squad works according to your given instructions. We provide you with cleaning services according to your needs. Read More»

    Floor Cleaning Service

    Floor cleaning services are required by both residential and commercial customers. It's not an easy task to clean the floor. Cleaning Squad is professionally trained and experienced to clean a floor. Our professional cleaning staff cleans your office floor, apartment floor and house rooms floor full of care and attention. First, they do a detailed dusting of the whole floor. Then they do vacuum to remove any dust which is left behind after dusting. When our cleaning staff is done whit dusting and vacuuming, they switch towards floor washing. We use health friendly and organic cleaning products to wash the floor. Read More»

    Bathroom Cleaning Service

    A bathroom is a place which appeals the most for cleaning services. Cleaning Squad is providing you with best bathroom cleaning services. We clean all the mess from there and remove all the spots from walls. We remove the pale spots and other stains from the corners and from the floor surface. Cleaning squad cleans it with such care and attention that we assure you a neat, clean and germs free bathroom. Our cleaning staff first cleans the sink and bring its shine back. Then they clean the shower and remove rusts if there is any. Cleaning squad cleans the commode and remove all the spots and stains. Read More»

    Kitchen Cleaning Service

    Kitchen cleaning services are often required in residential and sometimes in commercial buildings. Residential customers ask for kitchen cleaning services to get clean all the walls, cabinets, stovetops and countertops. Cleaning Squad clean your kitchen with detail. Our professional cleaning staff cleans the walls of your kitchen. They remove all the food crumbs from the countertops. Cleaning Squad cleans the stove tops and remove the spots. Our cleaning staff cleans the cabinets and remove all the dirt and dust from them. We use health friendly cleaning ingredients for performing cleaning works. We don’t use any chemical made cleaning products to perform cleaning jobs. Read More»

    Home Cleaning Service

    Cleaning Squad is proudly offering you home cleaning services. We provide you with all types of home cleaning services according to your requirements and needs. We work according to given instructions because customer satisfaction is our first priority. In-home cleaning services we provide you bedroom cleaning services, drawing room cleaning services, common room cleaning services and children room cleaning services. Cleaning squad provides its customers with the best window cleaning services, wall washing services, and lawn cleaning services. Cleaning Squad is serving its customers over the last many years. Our customers feel a sense of satisfaction when they experience our cleaning servicesRead More»

    Housemaid Cleaning Service

    Cleaning squad are the best housemaid cleaners Montreal. We provide our customers with all types of housemaid cleaning services. If you are doing a business or job and you don’t have enough time to keep your house clean. Then you should not worry about it. Let the cleaning squad know about your needs. Hire our services of housemaid cleaners Montreal. We take care of your house cleaning and keep it neat, clean and dust free. Cleaning Squad is committed towards providing you housemaid services according to your needs and requirements. We offer you housemaid cleaners services on daily basis, weekly, biweekly and monthly basis. Read More»

    Mattress Cleaning Services

    People use the mattress in their houses, apartments and offices. The mattresses get dirty, people ask for mattress cleaning services. If you are in need of mattress cleaning services then contact the cleaning squad. Let it know about your requirements. Cleaning Squad cleans your mattress according to your requirements. We do a detailed dusting of your mattress and then do vacuuming to remove any dust left behind. When we have done with dusting and vacuuming, we switch towards mattress washing. Our cleaning staff uses health friendly and organic cleaning products to wash a mattress. We don’t use any chemical made an ingredient for performing mattress washing. Read More»

    Daily Cleaning Services

    There are many places which appeal to daily cleaning services. Like in offices, floors, kitchen and washrooms, need daily cleaning services. While the table, computers, windows and doors need cleaning services as well. Whereas in residential buildings washrooms, kitchens and windows appeal for daily cleaning services. Cleaning squad provides daily cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers. We serve them according to their needs and requirements. Cleaning squad works according to given instructions. Customer’s satisfaction is our first priority that’s why we give value to the instructions and suggestions of our customers. We are serving our customers over the last many years. They feel a sense of satisfaction to have our daily cleaning services. Read More»


    I am a housewife and used to my home task by myself but since having a family and looking after so many things is kind a big deal to manage. Rest for my kitchen cleaning I hired many organizations but hadn’t much got the max output. Then I heard about this cleaning service, and by hiring and experiencing their work and cleaning services, I must say that this is one of the best cleaning services in Montreal.
    I am the administrator of a school and cleanliness is one of the main things that is important for a school and it lies under my domain. It was once brought to my notice that students often paste bubble gums on furniture, they litter the bathrooms, and the sports courts are in a bad state.
    I still remember that day when I newly shifted in this Laval zone and as you all know how much big deal it is to move your stuff from one place to another. I once shared to my friends that how much problem I was facing after my shifting as Laval was a new place for me and it’s had to understand that which cleaning services are best for you to hire in a reliable and affordable range.
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