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    Professional House Cleaning Longueuil

    “A house is paradise” everyone lives with its loved ones in a house or apartment. People want their residence neat, clean, organized, and peaceful. If you want your house in a perfect condition to live. Just contact the Menage Total we are in the cleaning industry since 2010. We have great experience in house cleaning services.

    In these years we tried to build a solid base. Our aim from the beginning is to provide zero-fault and high-quality cleaning services. We serve in large regions of Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil for the last number of years. We know the worth, significance, and importance of your house. It means a lot for you that’s why we have a team of professionals which provides you Professional House Cleaning Longueuil.

    Why Menage Total As Professional House Cleaning Longueuil?

    There might be some other cleaning companies working in those areas then why to choose Menage Total. There is a big reason behind it.

    Although very rare, if you are not satisfied with the results, you just simply contact us and get re-clean services. From the beginning, till now our customer’s feedback is positive and satisfactory. If you have any complaint regarding cleaning works. We respect and entertain your feedback. It should be noted if you have any issue about the cleaning works you should contact us as quickly as possible so that we will take steps at once to resolution.

    There’s another reason and that is;

    • Our professional and friendly staff
    • Commitment to the work
    • Punctuality and professionalism
    • A prominent name in the cleaning industry

    Our Services

    Menage Total deals with all those issues which are a headache for you. Like you feel a burden when you see your messy and unclean kitchen. We disinfect the odorous and smelly bathroom. We have a complete and compact Professional House Cleaning Longueuil framework. Our customers keep returning to us since we offer them many benefits.

    We have prepared a house cleaning schedule which includes each and every detail that you can consider. You can get it changed or modify as you wish that it should be.

    For further details and information contact Us at menagetotal.com or you can call us at (514)-654-4988.

    Courtesy of Menage Total Montreal

    Move Out Cleaning Services

    Move out cleaning services include the standard cleaning works. When you shift out of the room, house, or apartment you need the entire building cleaning. If you are going to move out and you are in need of cleaning services. You should contact the Menage Total to get cleaning services. We provide you the entire range of services which you need. Move Out Cleaning Services include normal cleaning works.

    Menage total performs these works in Move out cleaning services;

    • Wash out window ledges, Mirrors, and frames
    • Clean the lights fixture
    • Wall dusting and spot removing
    • Dusting and washing of the floor
    • All the rooms cleaning including kitchen and washroom

    Menage total deals with all of these cleaning works while performing the move out cleaning services;

    Wash out window ledges, mirrors, and frames

    Menage total deals with all of the works you need to move out cleaning service. We clean the window ledges, remove the stuck dust on the ledges. Our cleaning staff cleans the window mirrors with care. They remove the dusty spot from the window mirrors. The frames of the windows need cleaning as well. We don’t ignore them. In fact, we clean them with care and remove all the dust and spots from them.

    Clean the light fixture

    There are some objects which normally neglected, Menage total cleans those objects with care. Our cleaning staff cleans the light fixture. They clean the dust stuck on them. The dust creates spots on steel fixture of lights. We remove all those spots from them.

    Wall dusting and spot removing

    The walls of houses and apartments need cleaning services. These should be cleaned from time to time. Dusty and spotty walls give a bad impression of the whole building. Menage total deals with it very efficiently. We clean the dust stick on the surface of the wall. We remove all the spots from them.

    Dusting and washing of the floor

    Menage total deals with all the rooms floors. Our cleaning staff does a detailed dusting. They remove all the dust from there, after completing dusting they do vacuum all the rooms. When they have done with dusting and vacuuming. Our cleaning staff washes the floors of all the rooms.

    All the rooms cleaning

    We perform the cleaning work in all the rooms. We clean the walls, windows, and carpets you have in your house rooms. Our cleaning staff deals with all these things with care. They remove all the debris from there. Our cleaning team cleans the kitchen and disinfect the bathroom of your house.

    Courtesy of Menage Total Montreal

    Commercial cleaning services Montreal and Longueuil

    Cleaning services are one of the basic needs of every individual. No matter where he is living in the world. Everyone wants to live in a neat, clean, sanitized, and well-organized house or apartment. If you want to get the services of professional cleaners you should contact us. Not to mention, CleaningSquad is the best cleaning company which provides you Commercial Cleaning Services Montreal and Longueuil. Not only this but, we offer you the entire range of cleaning according to your needs and requirements.

    Commercial Cleaning Montreal and Longueuil comprises these;

    • Carpet cleaning
    • Wall washing
    • Hotels cleaning services
    • Window cleaning
    • Office cleaning

    We deal with all of these places to provide commercial cleaning Montreal and Longueuil services

    Carpet cleaning services

    Carpet cleaning one of the tough tasks in the cleaning process. Our cleaning staff is professionally trained to deal with carpet cleaning. The remove all the dirt accumulation from the carpet and make it germs free, dirt free, and spots free. We remove all the stains of drinks and spots from the carpet. Our cleaning staff removes the pet’s hair from it. We assure you a neat, clean and germs protected carpet.

    Wall washing services

    Skyscrapers need walls cleaning along with normal services. Cleaning squad provides them wall cleaning services. We clean all the dirt accumulation, spots, and smudges from them. Walls give an awkward look if you leave them unclean for a longer time period. Moreover, we offer wall washing services in Montreal and Longueuil.

    Hotels cleaning

    Cleaningsquad provides commercial cleaning in Montreal and Longueuil to the hotels as well. Hotels ask for cleaning services on a regular basis. When the customer moves out of the room it needs to get clean.  Similarly, when a customer moves in the room it needs cleaning. We provide you all types of services which demand.

    Window cleaning

    Windows cleaning services are a part of commercial cleaning Montreal services. We provide your window cleaning according to your requirement. Our cleaning staff cleans the windows with such care that they remove all the spots from the windows mirrors and clean their frames as well.

    Office cleaning

    It is one of the commercial cleaning Montreal services. Cleaningsquad provides you all types of cleaning  for your offices. We clean your office from the entrance to the washroom. Our cleaning staff deals with all of the objects which need to get clean. They clean the floor, ceiling, kitchen, public area and working area in your office.

    Special Cleaning Services

    Residential and Commercial Special Cleaning Services

    Special Cleaning Services Laval and Longueuil by Cleaning Squad  to its valuable customers and residents is the best residential and commercial special cleaning service on offer. To main the surface shine such as the floor and spaces is a difficult things and cleaning squad team of professional cleaners make it possible to provide the best cleaning service. In fact, we are one of the top and leading cleaning services company. In fact, offering a wide range of different and special cleaning service in Laval and Longueuil.

    Deep Special cleaning services 

    Cleaning Squad offers the deep cleaning services for home and office. Regular cleaning service is a very important fact, and one in a month deep cleaning service is very important for restoring and maintain the home and office. Cleaning squad professional house cleaning staff will remove the dust, dirt and bacteria from the areas that is less visible.

    Spring Special cleaning services

    Spring season is normally and effectively the best season to clean the house. The cleaning squad professionals will help get clean the corners and areas of every room. The professional spring cleaning services will allow the customer to enjoy their house. Our cleaners clean the cupboards, cabinets and window for a fresh and new start to clean a home.

    Move in move out  Special cleaning services

    This service is really important when either you are a home owner or renting a space. The cleaning squad service is here with its professional and skillful cleaners to restore the look and the freshness of the home. Moreover the prospective tenants will rush to you for renting the space to them after looking at a clean and nice place.

    After party Special cleaning services

    Parties are occasions where family, friends, relative or even colleagues get together to celebrate and have fun. In our professional after party cleaning service, we help you get rid of empty bottles, glasses, plates, trash, lots of dust and dirt accumulated in carpets and rugs, and also stains etc. With our event cleanup cleaning services, you are all set to have a nice nap and we will do all the cleaning.

    Other Special cleaning services

    Our additional residential house cleaning services offered in Laval and Longueuil

    • Refrigerator cleaning services
    • Oven cleaning services
    • Upholstery cleaning services
    • Carpet cleaning services
    • Area rugs cleaning services
    • Hard wood floor cleaning services
    • Cabinet and cupboard cleaning services

    Premium Special Cleaning Services

    Furthermore, Cleaning Squad  on the other side is also engaged in providing the best quality premium cleaning services. In the first place, our staff works on the holidays and most of the services are customized. Moreover, on how you want your house to be cleaned in a modern effective manner: kitchen, washroom, bedroom, carpet, living room, floor and even the garden.

    Moreover, to provide these best cleaning services with high and superior quality we tend to recruit individuals that are ambitious, cleaning oriented professionals, trained and highly qualified to provide the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

    At Cleaning Squad we understand your needs and provide the cleaning staff that best suits you and stand on your specific needs, whether it is for the house, apartment or condo.

    Moreover, Cleaning Squad is offering commercial cleaning services, restaurant cleaning services, Daycare cleaning services, Hospital Cleaning services. School cleaning services in Laval and Longueuil. Cleaning squad is using the best Eco-Friendly cleaning product that us safe for the health of the customer. The cleaning product is attested by the authorities and suitable and reliable for the cleaning process.

    For more information on our best and affordable cleaning service you can get in touch with us through the telephone, e-mail and visiting our website for more information.

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